Dedicated Surgery Center

Our best option and most cost effective solution for our patients that require sedation and all the technology, education and skills needed to treat our patients is the incredible, new Spring Creek Surgical Center.  Dr. Allen has worked closely with the surgical center to ensure ABC Pediatric Dentistry is able to provide all the services that usually cost much more at a traditional hospital.  Our commitment with the new center is to provide the same great care of general anesthesia of a professional, credited facility.


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Hospital Dentistry

Certain challenges may require a child to be treated in a hospital setting using general anesthesia. These challenges may include: age, behavior, medical status, developmental limitations, special needs, or an amount of dental work too great to be handled in an office setting.

General Anesthesia is a very safe and effective method for handling these challenges. Our doctors have received extensive training in treating children in a hospital setting. They are one of only a few dentists in Cache Valley able to treat children in the hospital. They have privileges at Logan Regional and Cache Valley Specialty Hospitals.

Sedation Dentistry

At ABC Pediatric Dentistry we want all our patients to receive quality care while maintaining a positive attitude toward dental treatment. Sedation dentistry is a very safe, effective option that makes this possible for children who may not otherwise have the ability to do this. our doctors are highly trained and qualified in this area.

For more information please visit the the link on Sedation dentistry at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Website:

Behavior Management

Children often have anxiety when they experience something new. If they have had a bad experience or are very nervous, our goal is to help them overcome their fears and help them realize that they can do it. We start with “baby steps” until we have gained the trust of the child. We are continually amazed at the courage children have when they come to our office.

The first thing we do when a new patient comes to our office is get a sense of their comfort level. Most children get comfortable very quickly as we show them how we do things and when they see other children around them being worked on. Some children need a little more help to improve their comfort level.

We use proven techniques to help children overcome their fears.

There are several techniques that we use in our practice; these methods are commonly used in pediatric dental practices. You may notice that we will set limits or rules for your children. These rules are to help the child know from the beginning what is expected of them and what they can expect from us.

Following are techniques that we will use to manage a child’s behavior: modeling, communicative management, nonverbal communication, tell-show-do, positive reinforcement, parental absence/presence and distraction. Most children respond very well to these techniques. Some children may still be uncooperative after we have employed these techniques. If this occurs we have other options that allow us to complete the work at hand. These will be explained to the parent or guardian in greater detail should it becomes necessary to use them. These options include: medical immobilization, conscious sedation, and general anesthesia.

Questions?  Concerns?  We're here to help!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office. Dr. Allen is always willing to answer any questions you may have to put your mind at ease. We appreciate you trusting us to work with your children. We will care for them to the best of our expertise and training. For more information concerning Behavior Management in our office please see this link to the American Academy of Pediatrics website.