First Time Visit?

Here's what you need to know

Please feel free to print and fill out the above forms before your child’s first appointment. This will save you and our office time at your child’s first visit. You will only need to print out one Family Information Sheet per family, one Office Policies per family, and one Patient Health History per child.



It is normal for Children to be anxious when experiencing new things.  Our staff loves children and will take the time necessary to attempt to put your child at ease.  Our staff and doctors are trained to tell the children about the steps used to clean teeth in a way that they can understand.  This technique is similar to a “Show and Tell” that they would see at school.  Children generally respond very well to this approach.  Sometimes we surprise parents and even ourselves at how well children do.  We believe in using a completely positive approach.  No threats.  No guilt. No intimidation.  No anger. Just encouragement and kindness.  We pride ourselves in our patience.

Children also do very well in our open, nonthreatening environment.  Of course, not all children cooperate exactly how we wish, but we promise to do everything that we can to make it a good experience.

We believe that the manner in which we introduce our patients to dentistry will have a profound effect on them developing good lifelong dental habits. We want the first experience to be a great experience


Very Young Children

Because our concern is the prevention of dental problems, we recommend that parents bring their children to the dentist early. The first visit should be scheduled six months after the first teeth erupt, at about one year of age.

Most children will not form cavities before the age of two.  For patients younger than two years and some very anxious children we have the parents hold these children on their laps while we clean and examine their teeth.  Even though sometimes we get a tear or two, it is important to see if cavities are forming and determine the risk the child might have to develop cavities. We also like to provide information about teething, normal dental development, proper home care, and proper fluoride consumption.  Counseling regarding diet, pacifiers, thumb sucking and bottle habits are also given.


New Patients

We always welcome new patients into our practice.  Referrals from other dentists are not necessary to become our patients.  We provide the best and the most advanced pediatric dental care available. We will enjoy having your child as a patient and would be honored should you choose to recommend us to your family and friends.

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